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Complete removal of a tree may be the only option for a tree that is dead, dying or dangerous-or in some cases because of a planned development.




Woodland management is vitally important for the health and vitality of one of our most precious natural environments and resources.




All our logs are locally sourced, from sustainably managed forest.




Firewood Sales

Wark Forest Landscapes is an authorised Biomass supplier, find us listed on the DECC RHI Biomass suppliers list

RHI Biomass fuel comes from sustainable woodland. Moisture content is measured and recorded on invoices.

We undergo regular audits to check that this is what we are actually doing.

Our family has produced and sold Firewood for over 30 years.

Firewood processing


Our aim is to supply Seasoned Firewood, of consistent quality.

We are friendly and professional.

At our home in Wark Forest, we live ‘Off Grid’,  the electricity we use is produced by wind and sun.

We use our own seasoned Firewood, to provide 100% of  heating, hot water, and Esse wood cooker fuel, 24/7/365.

This places us in a unique position, as we genuinely understand the importance of using Seasoned Dry Firewood on your wood burning stove, cooker or boiler, and understand why it is important to manage and use sustainable sources of timber.


Wark Forest Landscapes Firewood Prices – June 2018

All our Firewood is sold  ready to burn, it has been dried (seasoned) naturally, using Northumbrian fresh air! This can take 2-4 years depending on size and species of timber.

Once seasoned the timber is processed mechanically into firewood logs during the summer, these are stored in barns until delivery; in loose 1.5/3 cubic metre truck loads.

To place an order or make an enquiry please phone or use our contact page to send an email.


Price per 1.5 loose cubic metre load

Price per 3 loose cubic metre load

Ready to Burn Mixed Logs 50/50    







 Prices include VAT @ 5%, and FREE delivery up to 15 miles

 Firewood is normally unloaded by hand or tipped in area specified.

 If the delivery truck can park next to log store/shed, we will unload/ stack free, but if logs need to be  moved by a barrow or bucket from vehicle the cost is £10 per 1.5 cubic metres, 

Moving logs to store or a shed by bucket or barrow MUST be pre-booked due to  extra time needed.

 The 1.5 cubic metres of loose load of logs is equal to ‘2 X ‘Dumpy Bags’  filled.

Delivery times are arranged to suit you.

Logs are approximately 8” length, which will fit most stoves.

Payment for your Firewood can be made by cheque, bank transfer or cash.

 3 cubic metres of seasoned firewood loaded up - 1.5 m3 in truck, 1.5m3 in trailer

3 cubic metres of seasoned firewood loaded up – 1.5 m3 in truck, 1.5m3 in trailer. Click on photo to get better image.

What is the best type of Log to Buy for your Stove?

To get the best out of your Wood Stove or Boiler, you must burn  logs that have been seasoned (dried by air or kiln) to below 25% moisture content.

‘Myths’ about Soft or Hard woods (conifer or deciciduous)  being good or bad for burning abound, from the days when wood was only burnt on an open fire, all this is completely irrelivent now.

Logs burn at much higher temperatures on a modern woodburner, than an open fire, and ‘Seasoned Logs’ of any type do not cause tar problems in the chimney.

3 Benefits of Burning Dry Seasoned Logs on Your Woodburner :

  • Dry logs produce more heat than wet ones, saving you money.
  • Dry logs produce less Tar and soot, reducing risk of chimney fires & damage to flue.
  • Dry logs produce more heat on a Woodburner than an open fire.

What happens when you burn unseasoned Logs?

  • They don’t burn! The fire has to dry water out of wet logs before they can burn, so they give out almost no heat.  Logs Sizzle and smoke instead of burning, wasting your money!
  • Excessive soot and tarry deposits are produced, which are corrosive and cause damage to the flue lining which may not be noticed, and will shorten the life of your wood burning stove.
  • Increase in the danger of a chimney/flue fire as soot and tars build up, chimney fires are now becoming more common, due to the use of unseasoned firewood.
  • An inefficient stove burning wet logs at low temperatures does not burn off greenhouse gasses.

What Is Seasoned Firewood?

  • Seasoned logs have a low moisture content,  25% or less and will provide more than double the heat of green wood. Freshly cut timber contains a lot of water, 50% or more.
  • Seasoned logs have undergone a natural drying process in the open air, this means they burn efficiently and give out maximum heat.
  • Seasoning process can take up to 3 years depending on type and size of the wood, denser woods e.g. Oak will take the longest.
  • Kiln drying firewood is just a quick way to season logs, Kiln dried logs do not produce more heat than seasoned Firewood of the same moisture content.  

Lastly – timber does not become ‘Firewood’ until it is burnable!

Soft Wood Logs

There are not enough sustainably managed Forests and woodland in the UK to supply future needs, so faster growing softwoods are a necessary part of  firewood production now. 


Seasoned softwoods are recommended as an excellent fuel choice, giving out lots of heat and being easy to light and producing less ash than hardwood.

Bear in mind;wood burning stoves originated in countries where conifer (softwood) is often the only available firewood: North America, Scandinavia, Canada. These stoves are household names in the UK, and were designed to burn softwoods and keep people warm in countries where the winters are much colder than ours!

The Esse stove hotplate – right – in our kitchen showing fine white ash, the result of burning seasoned softwood logs- black tar would indicate that uneasoned wet logs had been used.



Hardwood Logs

Deciduous trees; eg: Ash,Beech,Birch

Hardwood Firewood that we sell in our mixed loads is locally sourced, and incorporates recycled aboricultural arisings as well as forest thinnings.

Many of our customers love the hard and softwood mix, the softwood is easy to light and gives heat fast, the hardwood keeps the fire in for slightly longer.

Our Seasoned hardwood logs have been air dried naturally, and stored undercover so they are lovely and dry…

A thought …Is it environmentally friendly to use imported kiln dried hardwood logs? This is already happening to supply increasing demand.

More Useful Information

  • Moisture content can be measured using a moisture meter, the correct way to take the reading is to split a log using an axe and take the reading from freshly cut area, do not take a reading from the dry end of the log.
  • Always follow the advice of your Woodburning instruction manual, but the general rule is to light a fire using small kindling, and build the fire up using smaller logs first, then larger ones.
  • Once a good hot base is in the firebox, bank the fire up and always shut the bottom airflow, wood needs air flowing over the top to burn not from underneath like coal, so leave the top flue slightly open depending ow strong the draw needs to be. A bed of ash is needed to light a wood fire on, up to 6cm is recommended in our Esse cooker.
  • If stove is alight all day, always open the stove right up and burn very hot twice a day for 10 minutes or so to keep it all really clean, wood is not like coke or coal.

Generally the higher quality stoves  are better designed and use less fuel than cheap makes available.

Lastly, Firewood is best stored off the ground in a well-ventilated log store!

We hope that this information is helpful, do contact us if you have any queries.











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