A range of services for commercial & domestic customers including crown reduction work, crown thinning, crown lifting & storm damage.




Complete removal of a tree may be the only option for a tree that is dead, dying or dangerous-or in some cases because of a planned development.




Woodland management is vitally important for the health and vitality of one of our most precious natural environments and resources.




All our logs are locally sourced, from sustainably managed forest.


Tree Care Services

From a single tree or hedge to large scale works,  contact us today for a Free Written Quotation and Advice

Crown Reduction – In some instances, the crown or individual branches require a reduction in length to improve the form and shape of the tree, eliminate interference with objects and structures, and compensate for structural weaknesses.
Crown Lifting – Lower branches may require pruning for similar reasons as crown reduction.This process, known as lifting, can also be used to increase the amount of light for grass and ground covering plants beneath the crown of a tree.
Sectional Dismantling Using Rigging Equipment – Often felling involves operating in tight and complex surroundings so we dismantle the tree carefully and in manageable sections to ensure a smooth operation.
Crown Thinning – The removal of live branches to reduce crown density, significantly reduces wind resistance and potential storm damage.
Formative Pruning – Pruning trees when they are young and growing quickly is critical to ensuring a strong framework for future growth.Structural defects result in a weaker tree structure, more prone to breakage and failure.
Dead Wood Pruning – On mature trees, pruning is required to remove dead and dying branches to maintain tree health and safety.
Tree Surveys And Reports – To provide the basis for maintenance and management of trees (either a single specimen, a group, or whole woodland), a survey is usually required to determine condition, quantity, and the needs of trees and their owners. Our surveys are tailored to suit you and your property.
Tree Safety Inspection – We are able to undertake tree safety and hazard assessments based on industry standards of the Arboricultural Association.
Hedges – Professional trimming, Reductions in height, Hedge planting and aftercare.

Woodland Planning & Management

Weed & Pest Control –

More trees die each year from lack of weeding than any other reason.

The best way to establish a tree is to maintain at least a 1m weed free area around it for 4-5 years after planting; this can be achieved using mulch, weed control fabric or chemical spraying.

Weeding is cheaper than replacing failed trees or hedges

Tree Planting

  • Supply & Planting of trees and hedging.
  • Woodland Grant Applications.
  • Recommendations For Species and Correct Planting.
  • Management Plans for Your Trees.

Thinning or Clearance –

We specialise in the use of small low impact machines, ideal for use on smaller/sensitive sites, that cause minimum damage to your woodland.


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