A range of services for commercial & domestic customers including crown reduction work, crown thinning, crown lifting & storm damage.




Complete removal of a tree may be the only option for a tree that is dead, dying or dangerous-or in some cases because of a planned development.




Woodland management is vitally important for the health and vitality of one of our most precious natural environments and resources.




All our logs are locally sourced, from sustainably managed forest.



“Firstly thanks very much for delivering the kindling as promised on Saturday morning. Sorry we weren’t in and therefore unable to pay you. Can you send an invoice or add it onto the next load of logs.

We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the logs we have ordered from you. They are the best logs we have had from a local supplier – they are dry and seasoned and your service is excellent and prompt. Thank you for stacking them so neatly in the garage when we were at work the day you delivered.

You can rely on our continued custom.

Many thanks, Janice and Andrew”

“Hi Stephanie and Tim,

Thanks for our last load of firewood!

James got back from three days in London about half an hour ago and the stove in the kitchen and fire in the living room are belting out heat and he is already chilling out.

The wood burns brilliantly and throws out loads of heat so we are only using the heating for an hour a day at the moment when we are out at work. I love the routine of splitting a couple of logs after walking the dog and getting the stove up to temperature and then just turning it right down and letting the logs perculate!

Your wood is so dry and seems to burn for ever and so we will definitely be placing all of our future orders for firewood with you. After all, who else would deliver firewood after the biggest snowfall of the winter?

Thanks again for your brilliant service.

Kind regards,

James and Catherine”

“Hi Stephanie,

We have had two loads of logs from you and have been very pleased with the quality and the service that you provide. We will be in touch again when we need another load.




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